Marrel, inventor of the Ampliroll® hooklift

A modern factory for integrated production

Essential for all environmental applications

A strong presence in the commercial vehicle market

Specialist for special bodies on special vehicles

To meet particularly the agricultural market

Suitable for all applications

Ampliroll® hooklift for logistics vehicles of the armed forces

Recognized expertise on farm trailer

A recognized presence on the North American market

Marrel is the European leader in loading equipment mounted on industrial  vehicles. Marrel is the designer, manufacturer and assembler of hydraulic components and equipment.

Marrel runs its own cylinder manufacturing facility in order to guarantee the best quality of equipment for  industrial vehicles. Its performance allows to sell Marrel ‘s know-how to manufacturers of equipment  for construction  or human lifting ,  as well as for the civil aviation and military industries.

The strength of the company lies in the complete integration of the entire production process for the Ampliroll® hooklifts, skiploaders, scissor tipping gears and cylinders. Marrel achieved strong international reputation. Present in the main European countries and on all continents, Marrel has a large sales network with sister companies and dealers around the world.

FASSI Group will be present at ECOMONDO in Italy

FASSI Group will be present at GIS in Italy

Marrel will be present at NUFAM show in Germany

Marrel will be present at Perumin show in Peru

Marrel will participate to the FEDEREC National Technical Day

Marrel will be present at Nordbau show in Germany

Marrel will be present at Matexpo show in Belgium

Marrel will be present at Transport Compleet show in Netherlands

FASSI takes over majority of CTELM

Marrel will be present at Pollutec in Lyon from November 29th to December 2nd 2016, in Hall 2, Aisle D, Stand 102.