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Founded in 1919, Marrel initially established its reputation by introducing the market’s first tipper body with jib and cable.
Its strong ability to innovate allowed the company to develop rapidly over the following decades.
The Marrel name is strongly associated with the major technological advances in the industry.
Marrel’s inventions include the Ampliroll hoist, the skip loader and the tipper scissors.
Today, Marrel is one of the European leaders in industrial vehicle mounted equipment.


Key dates

1919 : Creation of the Marrel tipper company
1935 : First appearance of hydraulic tipping systems
1965 : Marrel invents tipper scissors
1968 : Marrel becomes exclusive distributor of HMF cranes
1970 : Marrel invents Ampliroll® hooklift
1980 : Marrel establishes US presence
1998 : Marrel joins the Caravelle group
2005 : Marrel’s activities separation and Bennes Marrel’s subsidiary creation
2006 : Marrel introduces the Ampliroll® range with articulated jib

2010 : Marrel yields Bennes Marrel activity to Benalu Company
2010 : Marrel became the exclusive supplier of Direction Générale de l’Armement to equip the French army with Ampliroll® military hooklifts, over a 10 year period.
2011 : New hooklift with tiltable Jib in our AMPLIROLL range for 3 t.
2013 : Marrel joins the CTELM/GESTIONI Group
2014 : Introduction of the Ampliroll® hooklift ranges  AL4 and AL5
2016 : Introduction of the new “S” generation hooklift-Ampliroll® (AL14 to AL22) that offers our customers the best-in-class performance


In 2013, Marrel joined the CTELM and GESTIONI group.
Based in France, CTELM is the holding of FASSI France, the independent and exclusive importer of Fassi cranes for 35 years.
Based in Italy, GESTIONI is the holding of Fassi family group created in 1965, one of the three major manufacturers of cranes in the world.
The Group has a combined turnover of € 300 million and employs over 1,000 employees across its subsidiaries.
This acquisition is a great opportunity for Marrel to accelerate its international development.

Key figures

  • Turnover of 44,2 million Euros in 2017
  • 210 employees
  • 1 factories, 70 subsidiaries, dealers and distributors throughout the world
  • 30 % of 2017 sales in exports

Design office

To remain on the leading edge of technology, the design office continually develops new solutions in the fields of high pressure hydraulics, industrial sheet metal work and vehicle-mounted systems.
The engineers and technicians in Marrel’s design office work closely with the technical departments of industrial vehicle manufacturers and public works equipment makers.
This collaboration ensures optimal equipment integration on vehicle chassis.




High pressure hydraulics
Marrel has developed a very high level of expertise in high pressure hydraulics: its manufacturing process integrates top-performance production tools employing CNC machines and robotic welding technology.


Industrial sheet metal working
Marrel’s confirmed know-how in metal folding is adapted to a very wide range of steels to provide optimum weight/strength ratios.
Marrel was among the first industrial equipment manufacturers to use very high tensile steels.


Surface treatment

To ensure an always improved level of quality of its products, did Marrel invest heavily in last years in the surface treatment and painting facilities.Thus, 100% of welding components are sand blasted through an automatic tunnel with blasting turbines before applying high solid primer coating. Marrel has developed a strong partnership with the company Becker to select components (primer and topcoat) best suited to its product range.


Ampliroll® assembly line
2 assembly lines for the Ampliroll® hooklifts have been installed for civil and military products, they work with the same principle : each workstation corresponds to an assembly operation and the products moves forwards in sequence until the final test bench. Every Ampliroll®  hooklift is tested and they are shipped only after validation by the Quality service.

Installation on vehicle

To realize optimised mountings on vehicles with strict respect of the road legislation and manufacturers recommendations, Marrel proposes to all authorized centers ( with UTAC homologation) several tools necessary to achieve a high quality of installation (Instruction Manual, Training, Standardization components)


Attentive to their customers’ stringent requirements, Marrel’s personnel are committed to a continuous improvement initiative concerning quality and customer service.
Marrel’s factories received ISO 9001 certification in 2002 and the company has launched an initiative for UTAC certification of its mounting centres.
Marrel has also set up a certification program for its welding and painting processes.
Starting at design conception, products are tested at the Andrézieux-Bouthéon Test and Research Centre and each product must pass a 24,000-cycle test before it obtains the Marrel label of quality and reliability.



Marrel has an approved training centre.
Its training team offers a wide range of training focused on maintenance, installation and repair of equipment.
Training is available for a broad audience: installers, repairers, users, etc.
Available documentation includes installation, repair and maintenance manuals for each product line, complying with truck manufacturers’ recommendations and legal requirements.
In addition, Marrel offers interface kits which allow for easier integration of equipment on truck chassis and provide a significant reduction in assembly time.

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