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Crane range

Innovating for enhanced performance

Marrel is recognized as a well-known distributor of handling and recycling cranes in France since 1968.

As a preferred partner, Marrel participates now actively in the development and improvements to of FASSI cranes products. As one of the three main manufacturers of cranes in the world, distributed in more than 70 countries, FASSI is known for the quality and reliability of its products (

FASSI has always focused its research on safety without compromise in the use of its product. Thus, all cranes manufactured by FASSI are thoroughly tested.

The range

Cranes for collection and recycling

Innovation for enhanced performance

With more than 60 years of experience in the environmental sector, is Marrel recognized in France as a player in the distribution of cranes for collection and recycling.

As privileged importer is Marrel actively involved in the development and improvement of products TAJFUN LIV, which are distributed in over 30 countries.

TAJFUN LIV  is a European company specialized in the manufacturing of hydraulic cranes for the handling of wood with grapples and the loading of waste. TAJFUN LIV is distinguished by the quality and reliability of its products, proposing a wide range of cranes with lifting capacity from 60 to 261 kN.m and outreaches up to 14.5 meters.

Equipped with safety valves and recent stability control system, TAJFUN LIV meets the European crane classification HC1 S4 according to the standard EN 12999 and assures production in accordance with ISO 9001 for the quality and ISO 14001 for the environmental protection.

The range