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Tipper scissors

Innovating for enhanced performance

Marrel is the inventor of Tipper scissors.

It has extensive experience in designing and producing tipper scissors mounted on industrial vehicles from 3.5 to 32 tons.

The Marrel range includes scissors for rearside tippers, two-side tippers and three-side tippers and underframe cylinders suiting customer’ needs up to the most rigorous uses.

The intelligent design of Marrel high pressure cylinders, combined with the proficient technologies used to develop and manufacture them, result in a product range thoroughly adapted to professional users’ requirements for efficiency and productivity.

Marrel’s strong reputation is based on the performance and reliability of its products.

The selection of appropriate materials (very high tensile steels) combined with total control of sheet metal working, guarantee the durability of its products.

The streamlined design and high quality materials used in the production of Marrel tipper scissors ensure very high performance and long service life.

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