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Jean-François, Marrel employee since 1989

I have spent almost my entire professional career in Marrel


Methods & Industrialization Manager

  • An entire career at Marrel
  • His passion: sport
  • His guilty pleasure: dancing
Musique Sport

How did you choose your career path?

I’ve always loved tinkering and discovering different manual techniques.

I knew that I wanted to use this side of me in my job, so I quite naturally opted for an F1 baccalaureate, followed by training in technical BEP and CAP. This led me to start my career in an SME, where I was an operator on traditional machines. I soon joined Marrel, where I started out as a CNC operator. I’d only just been trained, with my first experience, and my job was already evolving! And that hasn’t stopped over the years.

How did you evolve at Marrel?

In my sixth year within the company, I became a workshop technician. Nine years later, I joined the Methods and Industrialisation department, where I have remained ever since. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to evolve, with product follow-up, then projects, and a lot of transmission and operator training. I was curious, I wanted to progress, and the company put its trust in me.

I’m proud to oversee the department today, with a team of nine people at my side. 

Could you tell us about the Methods & Industrialization department?

I’d say we’re the focal point for all things technical, acting as an interface between the design office, production, quality, customer service and suppliers.

On the Methods side, we’re in constant contact with the operators. Our aim is to give them the means to carry out their work in good conditions.

On the industrialization side, we’re more in charge of ERP parameterization, to ensure that production is possible: we create manufacturing ranges, design tooling, ensure part traceability…

What would you recommend to people interested in being trained for this job?

To do this job and enjoy it, you really need to be curious about everything and versatile. You also need to be dynamic and responsive, to be always available for the other departments and keep things running smoothly. And of course, you must be in a good mood, because it’s above all a job that’s all about relationships and human interaction.

I enjoy coming to work every morning, and I love learning something new every day, even after 35 years within the same company!

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