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Anne, Apprenticeship in Marrel since 2021

Marrel, a friendly team which has supported me as part of my vocational retraining project


Quality Safety & Environment Department

  • 20-year professional experience
  • A happy mother
  • Her passion: horses!
Cheval Enfants

Anne, what’s your career path so far?

I first earned a two-year degree in Hygiene, Safety and Environment. I worked then for 15 years in the retail sector where I held different job positions (logistics manager, department manager). Following an accident at work, I asked myself the right questions and made an important decision: I decided, at the age of 40, to go back to my core knowledge, the workplace safety.

I needed an update, so I looked for an apprenticeship. That’s how I have been joining Marrel, for almost 3 years now.

What are you doing in Marrel?

Since Octobre 2021, I’m in charge of safety, environmental and hygienic issues.

Alongside my studies, this job gives me the opportunity to put into practice what I learn in class, and to be in touch with the People in the company. What I prefer? I’m very autonomous and I can make a real impact to implement new things. My job is varied and rewarding.

What qualities do you need for your job?

Empathy, listening, and sincerity are essential.

My job relies on the contact with the teams and on a mutual trust relationship. We also have to be very rigorous and familiar with all applicable regulations. We have to keep in mind that we are in charge of the people’s safety; so, we have to be very professional while remaining human, so that everything feels natural.

Do you have a nice short story to share?

There are many stories in Marrel! There is a real team spirit and a strong sense of family.

I have one example for my first mission in the company: I had to check all lifting accessories within the factory, in a very dirty environment. Romain, who’s on my team, has given me pants to protect my clothes… but there were too big, I had to keep holding them all the time. Gérard, who works in the cleanroom, saw I was in trouble, so he made me a special belt with a plastic cable (laughs). That’s just one example among dozens but it illustrates the most important thing for me: mutual help and solidarity between colleagues.

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