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Olivier, Marrel employee since 1989

Marrel is more than 35 years of my life and just as many encounters!


Boilermaking Workshop

  • +30 years at Marrel
  • What he prefers: transmission

Olivier, how did you choose your profession?

Since I was a kid, I have always loved welding and assembly.

I wanted to do a practical job, where I can make things. I naturally chose a welder CAP, which strengthened my knowledge by applying it to the business world.

How did you start working in Marrel?

I got the opportunity straight away after my studies, and I haven’t left the company since! I started with manual welding, we did everything without a robot… It was a great time, which shaped us and allowed us to be true experts in our products.

How has your profession evolved over the years?

The gradual arrival of robots has completely revolutionized my profession. Suddenly, we were producing differently, faster, in greater quantities

Marrel trained us and supported us in this new learning process. From a personal point of view, it was interesting for me because I was able to become a supervisor and discover programming. Over time, I had the opportunity to train many people…

Transmission in my job is essential.

What does Marrel mean to you?

It’s the business of my life, in a way.

It is a real human team, which supports each other in the good times as well as in the most difficult ones.

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