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At Marrel, technical and commercial teams are mobilised with distributor partners.
Our aftermarket missions rely on three key points: the training hub and the assistance to the equipment’s commissioning, the needs for spare parts and the after-sales support.

We are committed to
offering the best service
to our network

100% integrated production

A complete control of our production and its traceability in each competence hub: metalwork, mechanics, assembly and finishing stages of our products..

Experts on-site

Our technical teams, including the R&D department, the methods and industrialisation department, the after-sales and spare parts experts are all present on our production site. These thirty people are the guarantors of your equipment’s performance and of the daily support on our network.

A guaranteed responsiveness

Because we know that time is a precious resource, we commit to be available and provide answers in the shortest period possible.

A dedicated tool

Our online tool allows you to find all documents linked to
MARREL equipment and to undertake the different
processes (commissioning, spare parts…)


So that our partners assist you the best way possible, we attach a particular importance to their trainings.

This expertise can be done both in person and from distance, and can intervene on different levels:

Initial commercial

To correctly comprehend Marrel products’ characteristics and their advantages.

Technical-commercial training

Dispensed by our products managers, technical experts of our ranges and their functionalities.


To accompany you during the equipment’s commissioning and anticipate your questions in the daily use of our equipment.

Our goal 
Being able to offer you a network of perfectly autonomous experts when you need one.

Spare parts

This reactivity is possible due to our stock of almost 15000 references on site, and to the progressive provision of stocks at our partners’.

Our spare parts are certified high quality and most are Marrel’s exclusive conception. They are available throughout our equipment’s lives, as much as thirty years after their bringing to the market.

References on site

Availabity up to 30 years


Every day, our after-sale team supports our distributor network, through the guarantee and the technical assistance.

Our main mission: a pedagogy and a permanent listening, to guarantee the best experience to our partners.

The force of a multi-product network

Our network, present in more than 60 countries, guarantees a personalised approach and a flawless reactivity.