What is an Ampliroll®?

The Ampliroll® is fully boltable, modular and easy to install on all the main chassis of trucks, vans or LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles).
With its strength and sturdiness, the hydraulic hooklift performs a sweeping motion to hook a roll-on/roll-off container. The Ampliroll® hooklift pulls the container to the platform. It also works in the opposite direction. To unload, the hydraulic hooklift pushes the container so that it rolls gently along the ground.

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Thanks to the streamlined design and the quality of the materials used, the Ampliroll® hooklifts ensure a high performance.



A range designed for tradesmen, SMEs, and communities… Adapted to LCVs and 7.5 to 10 T GVW trucks.

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The Ampliroll® hooklift that brings great versatility to light rigid trucks.

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The ideal range for companies in the recycling, environmental, construction and agricultural sectors.

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Features of the Ampliroll®

Lifting power thanks to the advanced tilting frame

MARREL’s unique concept of tilting frame provides an unmatched lifting capacity to Marrel equipments.

Performance and Robustness

Its design combining performance, lightness and efficiency, makes easy loading of bodies under the most severe possible conditions.

Productivity and Speed

Engineered to load and unload in a short cycle time, the Ampliroll® hooklift increases efficiency and productivity.

In what sectors is the Ampliroll® hooklift mainly used?

Thanks to its extensive adaptability, the Ampliroll® hooklift is used to transport containers of varying content types, including machinery, rubble, waste for collection and recycling, storage, industrial waste, stone, construction backfill, packaging, soil…and much, much more!


Public Works


Defense and Rescue


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