What is a skiploader ?

Designed for all applications, the skiploader can also be equipped with telescopic arms (optional) to enable to lower containers into a pit, making it ideal for industrial waste.

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Features of the skiploader

Safety and Stability

Stable equipment, thanks to rear hooks with automatic safety latch that securely lock the box during tipping. Telescopic stabilizers with independent controls guaranteeing stability.

Easy to use

Radio remote controls made for simple and ergonomic operation from outside the cab..


Versatile equipment suitable to transport a wide variety of bulk waste and materials (rubble, green waste, soil, even mud, etc.).
Empty skips can be stacked to optimise storage space and reduce journeys.

In which sectors is the skiploader mainly used?

The Skiploader adapts to your needs and the diversity of your worksites. It can be used to transport materials such as rubble, earth or mud, as well as collecting waste and transporting materials on public works sites.

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