Why manufacturing
Hydraulic Cylinders?

The MARREL Hydraulic Cylinder is today a benchmark in heavily-loaded hydraulic components.

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All our hydraulic cylinders are integrated into our key products, but also into other equipment with high requirements, such as aerial platforms or cranes.


Position sensors are integrated into the rod of our hydraulic cylinders.


We can meet a wide range of manufacturing requirements, with bore capacities from 60 to 350 mm, stem sizes from 32 to 200 mm, and pressures up to 700 bar.

Your Hydraulic Cylinders worldwide

Distribution network
& After-sales service

As a true partner, your local dealer offers you products tailored to your needs with a price study. Once you have received your equipment, the dealer can also help you get started smoothly with your new equipment and provide assistance with putting it into service.
Your dealer also offers after-sales and spare parts service for all MARREL product components to offer you optimum service.

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