Discover our Ampliroll®
– FLEX range

Range Advantages


The sliding arm kinematics ensure that a wide variety of body lengths can be accommodated. Several models of hooks are available: heights or hydraulically adjustable (depending on power). 

Optimised productivity

Renowned for its light weight, the Ampliroll® FLEX hooklift provides an increased payload capacity and greater performance.

A wide and deep range

Suitable for bodies from 2.700 mm to 5.800 mm, the Flex range adapts to all types of loads, from the most compact to the most specific.

Adaptable to all trucks types

Thanks to its mounting accessories, the Ampliroll® FLEX easily adapt to all trucks types.

Low maintenance costs

Few wear parts, high robustness, easy maintenance: the keys to optimised maintenance costs!

An optimum and versatile Ampliroll®
for your daily applications.

Discover the assets of the Ampliroll® FLEX

Discover our Ampliroll® ranges

Exclusively designed by Marrel, the Ampliroll® hooklifft is fully boltable, modular and easy to install on all major trucks.
Our three ranges of Ampliroll® hooklifts easily adapt to your needs.



A range designed for tradesmen, SMEs, and communities… Adapted to LCVs and 7.5 to 10 T GVW trucks.

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The ideal range for companies in the recycling, environmental, construction and agricultural sectors.

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