Telescopic jib

Discover the classic Ampliroll® range with a telescopic jib to help you optimizing the loading position depending on the vehicle and the body length.

Telescopic & articulated jib

Take an innovation solution with a telescopic and articulated jib to benefit from a reduced loading angle (up to 10°).

Low Profile

Our exclusive Ampliroll® Low Profile range has been designed to increase your productivity with a height of 195 mm.

Range Advantages

Unmatched lifting capacity

The free tilting frame, invented by Marrel, provides an excellent lifting capacity.


The mechanical arm/tilting frame lock has been designed to ensure a safe tipping operation.

Productivity / Speed

Engineered to load and unload in a short cycle time, the Ampliroll® hooklift increases efficiency and productivity.

Performance and robustness

Its design combining performance, lightness and efficiency, makes easy loading of bodies under the most severe possible conditions.

Optimized kinematics

Its simplified kinematics associates power, lightweight and versatility. It makes it less prone to stress, especially in harsh operating conditions.

A reliable, powerful and versatile Ampliroll®

Discover the assets of the Ampliroll® HIGH

Discover our Ampliroll® ranges

Exclusively designed by Marrel, the Ampliroll® hooklifft is fully boltable, modular and easy to install on all major trucks.
Our three ranges of Ampliroll® hooklifts easily adapt to your needs.



A range designed for tradesmen, SMEs, and communities… Adapted to LCVs and 7.5 to 10 T GVW trucks.

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The Ampliroll® hooklift that brings great versatility to light rigid trucks.

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