The Ampliroll® Hooklift: A Marrel invention


The "Ampliroll®" name is often misused and misnamed as ampiroll, a skiploader, an ampliroll, a crane, or an Ampliroll truck.
To use the most accurate wording, the correct term is an Ampliroll® hooklift.

An Ampliroll® hooklift is not only designed to carry a body, but also:

  • skip containers
  • cases
  • containers
  • cradles
  • roll-on/roll-off containers.

Marrel is the inventor of the Ampliroll® hooklift, which is now known and used all over the world. Like many other brands, Ampliroll® has become a generic name, even though it was originally the name of a product. 

What is an Ampliroll® hooklift?

An Ampliroll® hooklift is a hydraulic hooklift system for loading and unloading crates, skips, cradles, and more. The Ampliroll® hooklift is fully boltable, modular, and easy to install on all major truck, van, and LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) chassis, including Renault Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Iveco, MAN, Scania, Mercedes, DAF, and other makes and models.
With its strength and sturdiness, the hydraulic hooklift performs a sweeping motion to hook a roll-on/roll-off container. The Ampliroll® hooklift pulls the container to the platform. It also works in the opposite direction. To unload, the hydraulic hooklift pushes the container so that it rolls gently onto the ground.

Here is a video to show it in action!

The Ampliroll® hooklift can lift containers of rubble, construction equipment, material, and dump bodies. It brings a new dimension of versatility to your truck, allowing you to load and unload any type of container.

Who invented the Ampliroll® hooklift?

For more than 100 years, the men and women of Marrel have ceaselessly invented, tested, and filed patents to improve working conditions, transportation methods, and operating processes for their customers. Our greatest pride is the Ampliroll® hooklift. Recognized and used around the world, it has become virtually synonymous for a hydraulic hooklift. The Ampliroll® hooklift is often imitated, never duplicated!
Now, in 2022, Marrel is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Ampliroll® hooklift, created in 1972 with a patent filed that same year!

Why did you invent the Ampliroll® hooklift?

Marrel has specialized in trucks and hauling since 1919...
Transported loads are often heavy or cumbersome, and they must be poured, placed, tipped, and more. By studying how customers operate and their needs, Marrel has focused its R&D on making work as easy as possible for operators. 

What does the Ampliroll® hooklift consist of?

The Ampliroll® hooklift includes a telescopic jib, telescopic cylinders, rollers, and a hydraulic system. The Ampliroll® hooklift is operated easily from the truck cab using an electronic, radio, or pneumatic remote control.
Some models are equipped with a tilting frame—the only one of its kind on the market—which increases the lifting capacity of the Ampliroll® hooklift for loading containers under any condition.

What can the Ampliroll® hooklift do?

Marrel has earned its rightful place as the leader in the Ampliroll® market. Thanks to the quality of the materials used, Ampliroll® hooklifts achieve a high level of performance with exceptional longevity.
Even after years of heavy use, it's not uncommon for an Ampliroll® hooklift to outlive the truck it's mounted on and remain fully operational. There is a real market for used Ampliroll® hooklift arms! 
At Marrel, each new Ampliroll® hooklift is tested on our test bench over 24,000 cycles, in which the system loads and unloads a loaded platform under real-world conditions. By refusing to compromise on safety, durability, and sturdiness, Ampliroll® offers the very best solution on the market.

What type of container should I put on an Ampliroll® hooklift?

Depending on its use, the Ampliroll® hooklift can be equipped with a skip, a dump bed, a container, a cradle, a flatbed, or a removable dropside bucket.
The Ampliroll® hooklift can also be combined with a grapple crane to provide a complete system for scrap collection.
For waste recovery, it is common to transport two containers: one on the chassis and the other on a trailer.

In what sectors is the Ampliroll® hooklift mainly used?

Thanks to its extensive adaptability, the Ampliroll® hooklift is used to transport containers of varying content types, including machinery, rubble, waste for collection and recycling, storage, industrial waste, stone, construction backfill, packaging, soil...and much, much more!

Several factors go into choosing the right Ampliroll® hooklift for your needs, including the volume and weight of what you are going to transport and its use and environment, whether municipal, construction site, or other.Visit your dealer to discuss your needs and determine  which Ampliroll® hooklift system is right for you.

Marrel offers customized equipment for all applications and is most active in the following fields:

Our Ampliroll® hooklift line

We offer a wide range of products, from the 3-ton Ampliroll® hooklift to the 28-ton Ampliroll® hooklift, accommodating all types of chassis and all uses. 
Click here to see our Ampliroll® hooklift models
We also offer options and complementary accessories tailored to your needs, such as a RUP – Rear Underrun Protection, two-way and three-way tipper scissors, rear tipper scissors, different types of controls, various hook heights, and more.

What is the difference between the Ampliroll® hooklift and the Skiploader®?

As its name implies, the Skiploader® is designed to transport bodies. It is a chain system responsible for loading and unloading skip containers or bodies horizontally. Operators can transport multiple nested skips on carriers and trailers.
Designed for all applications, the telescopic arms (optional) enable the Skiploader® to lower skip containers into a pit, making it ideal for industrial waste.
With its hydraulic lifting arm, the Ampliroll® hooklift transports roll-on/roll-off dumpsters, skips, containers, dump bodies, cradles, and more. It handles containers with the hook, increasing its strength tenfold due to the hydraulic lifting arm. It mounts on the chassis of trucks, vans, and LCVs.

Distribution network and after-sales service

The Ampliroll® hooklift is distributed through our worldwide dealer network.
A dedicated partner, your nearest dealer will help you find the Ampliroll® hooklift that best suits your needs and budget. The dealer can also help you get started smoothly with your new Ampliroll® hooklift and provide assistance with putting it into service.
Your dealer also offers after-sales service for all Marrel product components, as well as a replacement parts department for optimal service.

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