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Innovating for enhanced performance

Marrel wants to assists its dealers and customers, therefore the design department has developed a software which meets the specific and dedicated needs of each of them. This technical pre-study software was developed by Marrel for all types of chassis wether using Ampliroll® hooklift, Skiploaders, load handling cranes, foldable and non-foldable cranes, flatbeds, etc.

This technical pre-study software takes into account the customers’ needs and brings together all data in order to create an exhaustive  pre-study drawing  which presents our optimised and dedicated solutions.

Thus, with this pre-study, a customer will be informed of the position of the hook at the rear for engaging it to the lifting ring, the setting of final operating pressure, and this with consideration of several  specifications of the truck like position of the exhaust pipe, height of the truck frame, special truck or road regulation for the maximal axle weights …

This technical recommendation software ensures that our customers receive solutions which are technically reliable.


Ampliroll®  Hooklift technical pre-study
Preco AL

Skiploader technical pre-study
Preco MB14