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Agnès, Marrel employee since 1988

Marrel is a company with real multi-product know-how


Pre-Studies / Customers service

  • Marrel products expert
  • Favorite hobby: drawing

How did you know you wanted to work in a technical, research-oriented environment?

It was a pretty obvious choice really: I loved both drawing and mechanics, and I wanted to be able to combine the two.

I imagined myself in my professional life, with my drawing board, looking for solutions, making things work. And even if, in the end, the world of the design office quickly shifted to software and CAD (Computer Aided Design) – to the detriment of traditional drawing – I found myself back in it, because that doesn’t take anything away from the challenge and creativity you have to demonstrate.

It’s a choice and a passion for me.

Can you tell us about your career at Marrel?

I discovered the company on a one-off assignment, when I was employed by a firm of engineering consultants. They sent me to Marrel to work initially on merchant supports. I was immediately won over by the company’s products and know-how, and when I was offered a permanent position, I accepted.

From then on, I had the opportunity to participate in the deployment of CAD, with the transfer of paper drawings to the software. I worked on the Ampliroll® lifting arm for several years, before switching to another of Marrel’s flagship products: the Multibenne®. This gave me a precise overview of all the products in the range, and enabled me to keep up with their evolution.

What are your main tasks today?

Alongside my colleague Jean-Yves, I’m part of the technical design department, which reports to the customer service department.
Our main task is to determine the most suitable equipment so that customers can take back the boxes they use to transport their materials.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love my job, both for its technical side and its exhilarating side, because sometimes the situations are really complex, and you still have to find a solution. It’s a daily challenge in a way, which requires you to be very versatile and precise.

It’s also very hands-on, because you get to see your recommendations come to life on the equipment. In short, I’m never bored… and that’s what’s so great about it.

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