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André, Marrel employee since 1987

Marrel, the company that gave me my foot in the door


Test Center & Research Technician

  • His nickname: “Dédé”
  • His strong point: his knowledge of equipment

How did you discover Marrel?

I was actively looking for work after my military service. I had actually trained in electromechanics and electronics, and I wanted to do something practical. The company called me, and I was initially hired as an assembler.

After a year, a position at the test center became available, and that was a little closer to what I wanted to do. That’s how it all started, over 35 years ago.

Can you tell us about your day-to-day work?

Being a test center technician means being responsible for the prototypes the company produces for new projects.

Over the years, what’s been your favorite mission?

I’d say it was when I was out in the field.

For many years, I also travelled and I really enjoyed it, as it enabled me to accompany products through their initial installation phase. Being in contact with customers was very great and enjoyable.

What are the qualities required for your job?

You have to be very methodical and rigorous. We’re product experts, and we have to validate the specifications drawn up by the R&D department.

This requires organization and a good ability to adapt to the given subjects.

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