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Florian, Marrel employee since 2019

Marrel is a company that corresponds to my values


Customer Quality Coordinator

  • +10-year professional experience
  • Sport and nature lover

How would you explain the mission of a quality department?

I’d say that quality means trying to monitor a company’s activities as effectively as possible so as to satisfy customers. This involves documentation, audits and, of course, a lot of training and awareness-raising.

It’s both rigorous and very dynamic, because you have to constantly adapt and improve.

How did you get into this department?

In a company, Quality departments often encompass Safety, Health and the Environment. It was this last point that led me down this path, as I was very sensitive to it.

So I opted for a D.U.T. in Health, Safety and the Environment, before going on to do a specialized Master’s degree in Quality. I wanted to be able to be versatile, while working on concrete actions in an industrial environment.

What’s a typical day at work like?

No two days are ever the same, and that’s what I like about it. I work every day both in the office and in the field, with one top priority: responding to customers and not leaving them waiting. That said, I always organize myself in pretty much the same way: I usually start my day by dealing with emergencies, before moving on to phases of analyses and continuous improvement.

How would you sum up your five years with Marrel?

Regarding my missions, even though I’ve finally moved away from the environmental side, it’s very rewarding and complementary. On-site production is also a real asset, allowing me to concretely experience my job and to be very responsive to customer feedback.

Marrel is a company that corresponds to my values, and one in which I feel comfortable. The human side, the daily co-construction, these were very important criteria for me.

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